Supplying Precision Engineered Scientific Products.
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  • Advanced Sample Preparation

    Whether you need dedicated sample preparation for Dioxins, Mycotoxins and Pesticide

    Clean-up or General SPE Automation, we have sourced the correct product from around the world

  • Liquid Chromatography Innovation

    Novel stationary phases and columns for those difficult separations. Add on detectors and

    Electrochemical Systems for dedicated applications. ARC Sciences can help you with your application

  • Enhanced “X”-MS add-ons

    A range of leading products that can be hyphenated to MS, providing additional capability,

    data, performance and throughput. Get more out of your MS and improve your productivity

  • Precision Engineered Products

    We offer you skilled access to new products identified from around the world,

    helping you improve your processes, productivity and ultimately your profits

Sample Preparation

A range of specialist systems & consumables for specific methods such as Dioxin extraction, GPC & Mycotoxins


Flash Chromatography, U/HPLC, Electrochemical Detection, Syringe Pumps and Related Products

Mass Spectrometry

Hyphenation to MS including EC - MS, AC -MS, LDTD, Splitters & associated products


A wide range of specialist & general HPLC columns for many applications

Solid Phase Extraction

Advanced Automation for SPE cartridges, including direct injection to HPLC and LC-MS

Imaging and CE

MALDI Imaging Sprayers & Systems as well as configurable CE systems for use with a range of detectors