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Antec Electrochemical Detectors

DECADE Electrochemical Detectors, Ultimate Sensitivity With Ease of Use and Robust Operation

Decade Elite and SDC are the last word in performance and ease of use in EC Detection. Over 20 years, Antec have developed and refined this outstanding technology to deliver an Electrochemical Detector with unbeatable performance. From nanomolar sensitivity for microdialysates to ppt level detection of Phenols, Decades command the field of electrochemical detection.

There are two versions to choose from:


DECADE Elite - Electrochemical Detector

The Decade Elite is UHPLC and HPLC compatible and has ADF (advanced digital filter) which is a noise elimination algorithm specially developed for electrochemical data. It improves the detection limit, depending on conditions up to a factor 200. The Decade Elite is able to control up to 4 cells for high throughput applications or electrochemical pre-reduction (e.g. vit-K, Q10 etc). The detector has a pulse mode for carbohydrate analysis using the traditional 3-step pulse and more advanced 4 or 5 step pulses.
Download a Decade Elite Brochure here
Decade Lite


The DECADE Lite has the same performance as the DECADE Elite. It has an integrated oven with Faraday cage, it is equipped with the superior ADF and has control for one flow cell (single cell control). The DECADE Lite has DC mode only and is operated by free PC control software. The DECADE Lite is compatible with all Antec flow cells. An electrically actuated injector or a manual injector (standard or micro) are optional.

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