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ASI HPLC and Micro-Fluidic Products

Analytical Scientific Instruments Inc.

ASI provide a wide range of fluidic components for both laboratory and OEM applications where precise fluid and microfluidic delivery is required.

ASI Mixers

HyperShear Mixers
A wide range of mixers for high precision mixing of HPLC solvents with improved noise and reduced dead volume. The range includes static and dynamic mixers made from both PEEK and Stainless Steel components for low and microflow applications. UPLC versions are also available.

QuickSplit tm Flow Splitters
Improved and simplified Pre, Post and Make-Up flow splitting solutions for microfluidic and LC-MS applications. All ASI splitters have unique replaceable cartridges for utility and ease of maintenance.
There both fixed and variable options available.

PrimeLine tm HPLC Pumps
ASI are inventors of the self priming check valve and have developed a range of pumping products around this technology. Improved baseline noise and sealing on refill are extremely useful attributes of an HPLC pump. Low cost, simple to use HPLC pumps with both Isocratic and Gradient control.

ASI Syringe Pump
PrimeLine Syringe Pumps for microfluidic applications
Spring loaded check valves allow operation in horizontal or vertical mounting position
  • Optical home sensor
  • Micro step drive using R232 PC control
  • Optional wash seal available for buffer solutions
  • Optional 400 to 2,000 count rotary encorder available
  • Other stroke volumes available on request
  • Custom sizes available for OEM
PrimeLine Accessories
ASI PrimeLine check valves are self priming. Insert the cartridge into the housing, switch on the pump and it will prime itself.

Download an ASI Catalogue here (This Catalogue is 13Mb)