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ZircoFit UHPLC Nano Fitting System

ZircoFitTM Self Installation Nano/Capillary UHPLC Fittings

Rated to 1360Bar (20,000psi)

View YouTube Video showing the use of ZircoFit

Ideal for use with the ZirconiumTM Splitless Capillary and Nano LC pump and any other UHPLC system, the ZircoFit fitting system allows you to create your own UHPLC capillary and nano LC tubing.
A revolutionary combined steel and PEEK sleeve and  crimping tool (Patent Pending) means you can quickly and easily create your own custom lengths of capillary tubing for reduced bore LC and LC-MS.

Compatible with all makes of LC-MS and utilising standard Valco 10-32 HPLC nuts and ferrules makes creating your own 360μm ID tubing simple and cost effective. ZircoFit fittings are compatible with a wide range columns, connectors and valves, including Valco and Rheodyne.

  1. Measure your tubing length
  2. Put the sleeve on the capillary
  3. Insert into crimping tool
  4. Crimp
  5. Swage into the port

Repeat for the other end of the tube and you are ready to run in minutes

The ZircoFit Crimping Tool

Crimping the ZircoFit Sleeve

Stages of Creating ZircoFit

A few Applications of ZircoFit


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