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CLIPEUS "Small Shield" End Capping


A "Small Shield" for a Big Job

The high purity base silica and thoroughly end capped bonded phases insure that CLIPEUS columns and cartridges will perform well in demanding situations where many other column brands fail.

Even polar compounds elute as sharp and symmetrical peaks permitting surprisingly short columns to be used for high speed analysis.

In addition to Silica,C8 and C18 phases, CLIPEUS columns are available with phenyl or cyano functionality.

Physical Properties

  • Phases: Silica, C8, C18, Cyano, Phenyl
  • Particle Sizes: 4.5 and 10µm
  • Pore Size: 120Å
  • Pore Volume: 0.8mL/gm
  • Surface Area: 330m2/gm
  • Carbon%(w/w): C18 = 18%
  • Phase type: Extremely well end-capped   monofunctional phases
  • Silica Class:Type B
  • USP Class: L3 (CLIPEUS Silica), L7 (CLIPEUS C8), L1 (CLIPEUS C18), L10 (CLIPEUS Cyano), L11 (CLIPEUS Phenyl)

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Clipeus Pyridine and Phenol


CLIPEUS C18 150x4.6mm P/N CS-1546-C185

25% MeOH/water (unbuffered) 1mL/min, 30ºC, 254nm1. Theobromine 2. Theophylline3. Caffeine 4. Phenol

This unbuffered Pyridine and Phenol chromatogram illustrates the absence of any undesirable solute/silanol interaction on a CLIPEUS C18 HPLC Column.

CLIPEUS C18 5µm 150x4.6mm 40% MeOH/water (unbuffered) 1mL/min, 25ºC,  254nm P/N CS-1546-C185