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Holders for 2.1, 3.2, 4.6,10, and 20mm I.D. Cartridges

A simple, yet effective, means of protection is to place a filter in the flow path between the sample injection valve and the HPLC col umn. While this technique is commonly used, it is also com monly plagued by leaky holders and significant performance loss. The Higgins Analytical HAIFILTER resolves all of these problems!

Simplicity and Convenience The Higgins Analytical HAIFILTER pro vides efficient and leak-free in-line filtration, yet it does not require any tools. To make it even more convenient, the HAIFILTER is designed to connect directly to the inlet fitting on the HPLC column, maximizing per- formance, and minimizing hardware. The 0.5µm porosity frits will remove much of the particulate contami - nation that is largely responsible for col umn pressure build up and plugging. The holder's inert construction, and the avail ability of PEEK and titanium as well as stainless steel frits, insures that the HAIFILTER can address all of your in-line filtration needs.

Two Convenient Formats HAIFILTER is now available in two for mats. The leak-free, finger-tight, and effi cient performance are qualities of the HAIFILTER that have made it a popular product, replacing the competition's awk ward and leaky alternatives in hundreds of laboratories worldwide. The direct - connect feature in the original design makes the HAIFILTER FM ideal for pro - tecting HPLC columns while the symmet - rical female thread fittings on each end of HAIFILTER FF provide unequaled flexibil ity to address your HPLC system's filtra tion requirements.

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