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The Separations Work Horse

HAISIL 100 columns and cartridges are very good general purpose columns that are particularly well suited for small molecules and peptide applications. The HAISIL 100 column and cartridge efficiencies are unrivaled yet they represent one of the most economical product lines in the market today. In formats ranging from 0.17 to 20mm ID and from 20 to 250mm in length, HAISIL 100 is the sorbent we use to drive our competition crazy whenever challenged to an efficiency bake-off

HAISIL 100 - the 100Å pore size, monomeric bonded phase, and very high performance make HAISIL 100 an ideal choice for separations ranging from small molecules such as carbamate pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs to synthetic oligonucleotides and small peptides. High efficiency, symmetrical peaks, and long column life is characteristic not only of the C8 and C18 reverse phase columns, but the normal phase silica columns as well.

250x4.6mm HAISIL 100 5µm columns routinely produce around 100,000 plates/ meter in our QC lab. Note that the column efficiencies are calculated by statistical moments - not an approximate peakwidth method! While this performance is more than adequate for most requirements, HAISIL 100 3µm is also available.

Haisil 100 graph

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