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For Biomolecules

HAISIL 300 columns and cartridges are ideal for biomolecule separations such as peptides and small proteins. Optimized phase bonding and column packing techniques assure unsurpassed performance and column-to-column reproducibility. Short cartridge columns are economical and are ideally suited for LC/MS applications. The column and cartridge offering ranges from 150µm to 20mm I.D. which means that bioseparations can be optimized by selecting a format that best fits your analytical requirements.

Physical Properties

  • Phases: C18
  • Particle Sizes: 5 and 10µm*
  • Pore Size: 300Å
  • Pore Volume: 0.7mL/gm
  • Surface Area: 80m2 /gm
  • %Carbon (w/w): C18 = 6%
  • Phase type: Monofunctional and fully endcapped
  • Silica Class Type: A
  • USP Class: L1


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