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Phalanx™ Utra High Density End Capping


Ultra High Density End Capping

Phalanx is Higgins Analytical's latest addition to a family of unique high performance HPLC sorbents. The novel end capping technology of this new sorbent is a continuation of the pioneering approach taken in 1996 when they introduced Targa, the first HPLC sorbent specifically designed for efficient LC-MS applications without TFA.

Based on an ultrapure, Type B silica backbone, Phalanx has a relatively high surface area of 430 m2/gm, but its very tight pore size distribution eliminates the undesirable side effects of micropores that often plague other high surface materials.

Unique Features

  • Ideal for Basic and Acidic Analytes
  • Wide pH Range Stability
  • High Capacity
  • No secondary Si-OH interaction
  • No metal contamination
  • Extreme hydrophobicity range

Physical Properties

  • Particle sizes: 4.5µm and 10µm
  • Pore Size: 100Å • Surface Area: 430m2/gm
  • Functionality: Monomeric C18
  • %C (w/w): 18%
  • End Capping: Proprietary and extremely exhaustive

Standard Sizes

  • Special products for LC-MS
  • 0.075 - 20mm I.D. range
  • Cartridge and Column versions
  • PEEK/titanium as well as s.s. format

Phalanx graph

Phalanx logo

Wide pH operating range: The unique endcapping reduces acid/base hydrolysis of the bonded phase and greatly reduces silica solvation at high pH.

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