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PROTO™ 200


More Selectivity and Resolution for Peptides

300Å wide pore HPLC columns are traditionally used for biomolecule analysis since the molecular radii of large peptides and proteins are better matched than with smaller pore size columns (80 - 120Å) typically used for small molecule analysis. 300Å sorbents, however, have reduced surface area, thus less capacity and selectivity than would be had with smaller pore size materials. Higgins Analytical's new PROTO™ 200 presents a powerful alternative for the analysis of peptides of ~19kD and less.

Physical Properties

  • Phases: C4
  • Particle Sizes: 4.5
  • Pore Size: 200Å
  • Pore Volume: 1.1mL/gm
  • Surface Area: 200m2 /gm
  • %Carbon (w/w): C4 = 4.5%
  • Phase type: Monofunctional and fully endcapped
  • Silica Class Type: B
  • USP Class: L26 PROTO 200 C4 L1 PROTO 200 C18
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Proto 200 graph