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PROTO™ 300


Robust Bioseparations

Low pH operating conditions and high pH column washing steps are typical bioprocessing operating conditions that can severely limit the lifetime and performance of widepore columns typically used for protein and peptide analysis. Higgins Analytical's new PROTO300 has high capacity for enhanced resolution and is robust enough to withstand prolonged use at extreme pH (1.5 - 10).

Physical Properties

  • Phases: C18
  • Particle Sizes: 4.5
  • Pore Size: 300Å
  • Pore Volume: 0.9mL/gm
  • Surface Area: 100m2 /gm
  • %Carbon (w/w): C4 = 3%, C18= 8%
  • Phase type: Monofunctional and fully endcapped
  • Silica Class Type: B
  • USP Class: L26 PROTO 300 C4 L1 PROTO 300 C18



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