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Higgins Analytical HPLC Columns

Higgins Analytical manufactures a wide range of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and stainless steel High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns and cartridges. These unique offerings address many needs of chromatographers desiring fast analysis times, efficient system and column protection, and chemical inertness. Special application areas include LC/MS, combinatorial chemistry, column switching techniques, in-line filtration, and guard column requirements.

Find out more about Higgins Phases and Formats on the links below, or download the complete Higgins Analytcal Catalogue Here:

CLIPEUS logo CLIPEUS™ HPLC Columns logo HPLC Columns
Haisil 100 logo HAISIL 100™ MICROBORE columns logo Microbore  Columns
HAISIL 300 logo HAISIL 300™ SEMI-PREP Columns logo Semi-Prep Columns
HAISIL HL logo HAISIL HL™ Caπllary logo Carllary™
PROTO 200 logo PROTO™ 200 Capellini logo Capelline™
PROTO 300 logo PROTO™ 300 SPRITE logo SPRITE™
Targa logo TARGA™ s.s. Analytical Cartridges logo ss Analytical Cartridges
H HaiFiler logo HaiFilter Analytical Guard Cartridges logo Analytical Guard Cartridges
Cartridge Holders logo Cartridge Holders Prep Guard Cartridges logo Prep Guard Cartridges
PEEK Titanium Cartridges logo PEEK/Titanium Cartridges 10mm Cartridge Columns logo 10mm Cartride Columns