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Caπllary™ Capillary HPLC Columns

A New Benchmark in Capillary Column Quality and Cost

Higgins Analytical's unique approach provides a flexible format and reasonably priced capillary HPLC column for LC-MS applications. Caπllary, π, columns are all manufactured and tested as 250mm products.

Cutting and trimming a Caπllary™ Column:

The Caπllaries can be used as is, or they can be easily cut to any required length, with a ceramic cutter that is included with each column. Caπllary™ columns are nominally 25cm in length. Unless the capillary is going to be used in its full length, the white ceramic cutter is used to cut the column to the required size. Measure from the frit in the center of the green section. This technique can also be useful for removing a short section from the column inlet if it becomes contaminated or plugged. Similarly, the column outlet can be trimmed to a proper length before attaching it to the post-column device.

Plumbing Considerations:

The Caπllary™ 75 and Caπllary™ 150 columns have standard 360µm outer diameters which can be conveniently plumbed to HPLC systems in a wide variety of manners. The optional Higgins Micro Column Connection Kit (P/N MIC-KIT, see page 69) includes sleeves and fingertight bushings to facilitate capillary column attachment to most injection valves, detectors, and MS source inlets.

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