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Cadenza CW-C18 is a 3µm diameter, 30nm Pore Size stationary phase that has the same efficiency for small molecules as fused core materials. The benefit of Cadenza CW is that it offers the same resolution as fused core materials at half the back pressure. This means that you can run faster separations at higher flow rates, use longer columns and still get the benefits of using a fused core material.

Cadenza CW-C18 has 1/3 surface area compared to a standard pore-size column. The lower ODS coverage allows for half the analysis time under the same LC conditions. Cadenza CW-C18 is made with 3um high resolution particle technology - which allows for increased performance when compared to 5um column technology (Chromatogram A and B). In addition, it can provide ultra-high speed analysis with pressures that are acceptable for standard HPLC instruments (Chromatogram C to E). The particles have a proprietary polymeric coating and that conveys exceptional efficiency, batch to batch reproducibility and pH stability.