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Using a revolutionary surface modification technology, replacing traditional trimethylsilane with alcohol structures, CX-C18 is particularly suited to applications requiring a high degree of Steric Selectivity. Useful as a general purpose ODS phase CX-C18 also gives excellent peak shape for basic compounds in acidic mobile phases . Cadenza columns operate at relatively low pressures  for high performance 3µm particles. For acclerated separations at high flow rates, specific high pressure versions are available.

  • Excellent Steric Selecitivity
  • Excellent for Basic Compounds in Acidic Mobile Phase
  • Compatible with UPLC Hardware
  • Exceptional pH Stability - pH Stable from 2 up to 10
  • Superb Batch to Batch Reproducibility - reliable separations from column to column
  • Wide Range of Column Dimensions - 50µm to 10mm ID, 10mm to 500mm length

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