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Intrada Amino Acid Column


Imtakt has developed a novel column for the analysis of amino acids that couples exclusively with MS detection and eliminates thenned for an amino acid analyser. When coupled to LC-MS the Intrada Amino Acid column achieves high-throughput analysis without requiring tedious pre- or post-labeling methods. Use of various column dimensions can aid in optimizing analytical time and resolution for different amino acid samples. Separation of leucine and isoleucine isomers, GABA isomers, and dipeptides analysis is now possible.

  • Rapid, Derivative free Amino Acid Analysis
  • Compatible with MS
  • Separates Isomers
  • Can be used for dipeptides
  • Available in Conventional, Capillary and Nano formats
  • Separate free amino acids in mixtures
  • Study protein amino acid composition
  • Isolate amino acid bio-markers