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Intrada Organic Acid Column


Intrada Organic Acid has been developed by Imtakt to simplify the analysis of organic acids commonly required in metabolic studies. Organic acids come in a wide variety of structures. For example, there are mono, di, tri, hydroxy, keto, aromatic, sulfonic, sulfuric and phosphoric acid types. It is difficult to analyze all these compounds with a single stationary phase.The Intrada Organic Acid column was designed with this goal in mind, to be able to analyze nearly all organic acids on one column. It was developed to separate these compounds by recognizing individual anionicity, and polarity, using a unique stationary phase optimized for the ideal adsorption and desorption for the widest possible range of acidic structures, all while maintaining LC-MS compatibility. Intrada Organic Acid column is the world first silica-based LC-MS column for direct organic acid analysis without the need for any type of derivatization.

  • LC-MS Analysis without derivatisation
  • Full Organic Acid Screen within 10minutes
  • Ideal for Organic Acids and other Anions
  • 1min Analysis possible on High-Throughput Columns
  • Wide range of Lengths and IDs

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