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Intrada WP RP Column


Intrada is a 3µm diameter C18 particle with a pore size of 30nm (300Å), making it suitable for high loading capacity, reverse phase separation of Proteins. Imtakt's unique polymeric coating and proprietary hardware and packing technology give Intrada phenomenal peak shapes for large protein species. The material is available in nano, capillary, microbore and conventional formats. There are various lengths available including 500 x 4.6mm for ultimate resolution. Increasingly Large Protein Species Separated on Intrada.

  • Optimized C4-like stationary phase for the separation of proteins (<300 kDa)
  • Wide pore (300Å) reverse phase column designed specifically for protein analysis
  • Polymeric end-capping and high efficiency 3µ particle size are ideal for polymers and proteins
  • Unique packing reduces carryover
  • Improved protein recovery for polymeric separation
  • Highly hydrophobic polymer elution made possible by optimal surface polarity