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Scherzo SM C18 Column


This unique column retains and separates polar compounds without the use of ion-pairing reagents. In addition, both anionic and cationic compounds are retained on Scherzo SM-C18 and the column's hydrophobicity is similar to conventional ODS columns. Using a combination of weak anion, weak cation and RP packings, Scherzo SM-C18 offers unique opportunities for method development. In the chromatogram below Ascorbate is retained using Normal Phase characteristics and Tocopherol with Reverse Phase.

  • Polar and non-polar retention in Reversed Phase conditions
  • Multi-level retention without ion-pairing reagents
  • Compatible with LC-MS
  • Most unique selectivity of any HPLC column on the market today
  • Wide range of method development possibilities
  • Can simultaneous optimize using organic, ionoc strength and pH gradients
  • Anion Exchange + Cation Exchange + Reversed Phase + Normal Phase
  • Weak ionic ligands for the separation of basic/acidic compounds at neutral pH.