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Scherzo SW C18 Column

Scherzo SW-C18 has a novel structure, with a small amount of strong ionic ligand combined with octadecyl silane. This structure provides better elution of strong ionic compounds. siRNA (small interfering RNA), around 21 base paired double stranded RNA, is getting lots of attention for next generation medicines. But it is very polar and contains a lot of phosphoric acid groups and is therefore difficult to analyse by Reverse Phase. Figure7a shows multiple peaks of commercial siRNAs which may include different structural compounds. SW-C18 recognizes the different number of nucleic bases (hydrophobic interaction) and phosphoric acids (ionic interaction). SW-C18 can separate not only siRNA, but also ATP or oligo-nucleotides without adding an ion-pairing reagent to the eluent.
  • Polar and non-polar retention in Reversed Phase conditions
  • Multi-level retention without ion-pairing reagents
  • Compatible with LC-MS
  • Most unique selectivity of any HPLC column on the market today
  • Wide range of method development possibilities
  • Can simultaneous optimize organic, buffer and pH gradients
  • Anion Exchange + Cation Exchange + Reversed Phase + Normal Phase
  • Low amount of strong ionic ligands, effective for strong ionic compounds