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For stable, high resolution, aqueous elution at low pH

Like Cadenza-CD C18, Unison-UK has the highest packed efficiency available with a 3µm particle size material. At 200,000N/m you can expect fast efficient separations.
  • Ultra High Resolution - Up to 200,000 Plates/m
  • Stable at low pH - resistant to phase collapse
  • Unique Balanced Polymer Coating - Ideal for Polar molecules
  • Exceptional pH Stability - pH Stable from 1.5 up to 9.3
  • Superb Batch to Batch Reproducibility - reliable separations from column to column
  • Wide Range of Column Dimensions - 50µm to 20mm ID, 10mm to 500mm length
  • Variety of Chemistries - Available in C8 and Phenyl