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Imtakt Ultra High Resolution HPLC Columns

Imtakt Technology - UPLCTM Performance with  3µm particles

High throughput (HT) and ultra high pressure  (UP) versions - Read more

  • Ultra High Resolution - Up to 200,000 Plates/m - Equivalent to UPLC
  • Normal Back Pressure - Operate at HPLC Pressures, does not require UPLC Hardware
  • High Resolution Wide Pore Phase - for high speed, small molecules analysis
  • Superb Batch to Batch Reproducibility - reliable separations from column to column
  • Wide Range of Materials - C18, C8, Phenyl, Amino, and Mixed Mode RP/AX/CX
  • Proprietary Polymeric End Capping Technology - unique performance

Presto - 2µm Non-Porous Particles

  • 250,000 N/m
  • Ultra Fast Analysis
  • Exceptional Separation of Large Molecular Species
  • UPLC Compatible


Imtakt Pack a full range of column dimensions from 1cm to 50cm long and from 0.05mm to 20mm ID. Not all packings are available in all dimensions


ImtaktTM Corporation (Kyoto) is the market leader in Japan for the supply of 3µm HPLC columns. Imtakt columns demonstrate unique, unmatched performance for 3um materials and can even outperform sub 2µm products. Imtakt was established in 1999 and the founders have over 30 years experience and knowledge of the development, design and production of HPLC columns. The specialisation of Imtakt only in HPLC columns means that they are 100% focused on developing the very best column technologies for today's most challenging requirements in the field of liquid separations. ARC Sciences is proud to be a partner of Imtakt and offer their products in the UK.