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HTX M5 Sprayer

HTX M5 Sprayer Features Overview

The HTX M5 Sprayer builds on the proven capabilities of its predecessor, the HTX TM-Sprayer, to offer even greater performance.  The all-new, all-innovative M5 chassis, high velocity stage and heated sample holder drawer contribute to a greater user experience and expanded process capabilities.

  • The sample plate holder is mounted on a drawer mechanism to allow easy loading of the samples, which gives better protection of the user and better alignment of various plate types.
  • New High-Velocity XY stage allows nozzle speed up to 5,600mm/min (4X faster) and expands the process range.  Super dry spray can now be achieved at high flow rates further improving the performance.
  • The E/Z trough gutter design improves chemical containment and is easy to remove and clean.  The bulkhead connectors are directly mounted on it to also allow easy access to the in-line filter.

Poster:  Metabolite Profiling in Tissues from whole body slices via improved Liquid Microjunction Surface Sampling by LC-HRMS