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Workstation for EC-MS

ROXY Oxidation UnitOn-Line Electrochemistry hyphenated to MS
Antec has developed a dedicated instrument for EC-MS with applications in the simulation of oxidative metabolism, protein adduct formation, protein cleavage and the investigation of Oxidative damage to DNA. The ROXY is used in conjunction with MS for detection. The Instrument can be used to
  • Mimic and synthesize phase I metabolites within minutes
  • Create "Purposeful Degradation Products"
  • Investigate peptide structure through oxidation or -S-S- Bond Reduction
  • Study Xenobiotic Metabolism
  • Form DNA oxidation products
  • Instant Compound Conversion
  • Rapid Preparation of Products
  • Easily Coupled to U/HPLC for rapid purification
  • MS Manufacturer Independent