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GPC Clean Up Systems

FreeStyle Sample Preparation Systems

Fully automate SPE, Evaporation and GPC Clean-up individually or together in any combination. FreeStyle can easily be configured by the user at will and is the most flexible solution to your automation needs.

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A New Concept In Sample Preparation
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Fully Automated GPC System
  • Walkaway automation
  • Expandable XYZ Robot Paltform
  • Complete Solution, Including pump, column and Fraction Collector
  • Simple to use software
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FreeStyle Fully Automated GPC Clean Up

Fully Automated SPE System
  • Switch Modules to convert to SPE
  • Handles 1,3,6 and 15ml Cartridges
  • Enormous Sample Capacity
  • Simple to use Software
  • Can be combined with EVA and GPC Modules

FreeStyle SPE

Fully Automated Evaporation
  • Evaporate GPC or SPE fractions to Vial
  • Automated Solvent Exchange
  • Vacuum/N2 Blow down combined
  • Simple to use Software

FreeStyle Complete