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FreeStyle™ Automated SPE

Injects Directly to HPLC and LC-MS

  • Accepts 1, 3, 6 and 15ml Cartridges
  • Large sample volume range
  • Handles difficult matrice like Horse Urine
  • Use up to 8 Solvents or Reagents
  • Positive Pressure, Single Probe Action
  • Unique Cartridge Gripper
  • Optional Direct Injection to HPLC
  • Collect Mulitple Sample Fractions
  • Nitrogen In-Let for Cartridge Drying
  • Easily Change Cartridge Sizes (< 3mins)
  • Separate Valves for Reagents and Samples
  • PC Controlled and Method Storage
  • User Program via Intuitive GUI
  • Active Instrument Development Program

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